Since 1972,  Romco has been the leading providers in Kuwait and the Arabian Gulf for audio/video, recording, acoustical treatment, lighting and MIDI equipment. We carry products from best brands in business Our clients include Ministry, religious, commercial, schools. Theaters, hotels, studios and government institution.

Mr. Hamed Abdullah Al Roumi

ROMCO founder, Has a long term of experience of technical, Engineering in broadcasting & media fields.

Mr. Ali H. Al Roumi

The second generation of ROMCO was energized with MR. Ali
Hamad Al-Roumi

Who’s the leader of the new era of effective cooperating,
managing and coordinating which backbone of any modern
corporation aiming to flawless succession.

The Mission

Commitment to excellence

To become the leading regional of media A/V and System Integratorenabler by exceeding our clients’ expectationsWhile offering outstanding value in all our deliverables. We will achieve this by creating andMaintaining an attractive corporate culture allowing us to recruit and retain the best people.

Corporate community responsibility commitment

ROMCOendeavorsto build a strong organization that focus not only on growing its business, but also on providingsustainable solutions to the widerstakeholder community.Intoday’s increasingly challengingmediaenvironment,our fieldoften focus on issues likeImproving Cost-Effectiveness, Maximizing Profitability, Developing Strategic Alliances, Creating aStreamlined and quality-driven organization, etc.

While we atROMCOwholeheartedly subscribe to the above goals, we also realize that they areMerely peripheral in comparison to the most mission-critical issue,having satisfied customers.

We take customer satisfaction extremely seriously. Tous, it is not just an empty slogan that weMention merely because it is “Standard Business Practice”. In fact, all ofprotocol employees areCommitted not only to delighting our customers, but to actually exceeding our client’s expectations


Managment Organization Chart

Staffing & Operations (Core Business Streams)

Market-flow Structure

managing through high level & structure base of social media network linked to our clients Reaching to the most effectively succession in all conditions.

An organized transaction lines of our departments & high levels of coordination will create a community atmosphere jointed us with clients.

In order to a productive chains, certain fruitful result will be at the end of the way.