Romco offers solutions design for all broadcasting need, from premium channels to local tv Based on the latest technologies, Romco solutions are well-designed to be integrate in a complete work. The concept of ROMCO is to established strong partnership with co-provider in order to be able to answer customer needs with ambitious and innovative work.

We’re operate as:

  • Prime & sub-contractors for many projects
  • Solution provider.
  • Products integration.
  • Conception, development & maintenance of hardware/software

Briefly we specialized:

  • Technical assistance & broadcast consulting.
  • broadcast solutions integration & software design-development.

The strategy applies by ROMCO on each project includes following steps:

  • Software and hardware integration
  • Definition of the work
  • Tests, Validation and Acceptance
  • Training and Assistance

Sound Analsis

We believe that creativity & quality a challenge of nowadays necessity which must to applied to many sectors , the most of criteria (studios, hotels, hospital, revenues ) the sound insulation has become very important.

Defines the breadth and depth of the sector, as well as its positive impacts to the provincial